new for spring 2010
Thomas & Laurel fine jewelry make a unique collection of engraved poesy jewelry in sterling silver, gold and platinum from their studio in Manhattan.

We are committed to American-made craftsmanship, quality and high design values. What makes our engraved jewelry unique, is a deep knowledge and understanding of the history of inscribed jewelry, which is as ancient as jewelry itself.

This is inspirational and romantic jewelry to delight the eye and lift the spirit.
This knowledge informs our ranges of museum facsimiles: faithfully accurate copies of historic originals from major museum collections in Europe and America.

However, we also continue the tradition, with original contemporary ranges engraved with words of inspiration, poetry, symbols, codes and quotations from around the world.

All our jewelry is entirely made in the USA with environmental awareness. These are original designs and are only made by Thomas and Laurel for dvb new york.

Beware of poor copies made in the Far East in breach of our copyrights. If in doubt call us and we can advise you. The suggested retail prices on this website are for your guidance. If someone is purporting to sell similar goods at very substantially lower prices, they may be illegal foreign copies.